Perplex David Crystal with your question​

English from its story in 100 words to digital language, the latest online trends, surprising features of informal conversation and how different it would sound if you had a time-machine: a fascinating conversation with David Crystal, a preeminent linguist and English language scholar.

Will you be the one to perplex this great mind with your question?


We were collecting questions until May 15. Now they have been sent to David Crystal, so that he is able to study them and choose the most interesting of them to be answered during the session on June 4!*

Preeminent linguist, English language scholar, writer, editor, lecturer, and broadcaster will join our special feature section Young Voices for students and pre-service teachers majoring in Pedagogy, Languages, Linguistics, Cultural and Communication Studies.

*To participate in the live session with David Crystal, you will need to register for the conference.